The Aylmer May Cemetery is situated on Lagos Road in Rhodes Park, Lusaka. The cemetery was officially opened in 1922 – named after Dr. Aylmer May, the country’s first Chief Medical Officer – and was officially closed in 1958. The cemetery and the Murray Memorial Chapel within it are Registered National Heritage Sites. Over 1000 identifiable graves are located in the cemetery.

For more information about grave numbers you can consult the Register and download a Map of the Cemetery. The map of the cemetery is a “work in progress” and may contain some inaccuracies, it is provided for interest only.

The Cemetery is open to visitors Tuesday to Sunday from 07.00 Hrs to 17.00 Hrs
Closed on Mondays

The Aylmer May Cemetery Restoration Trust (AMCRT) was formed in 1999 and is a Registered Trust: No 8857 and a Registered Charity (TPIN 7000000785102.)

The trust is entirely funded by donations and managed by a voluntary Board of Trustees, the task of the AMCRT is to restore and maintain the Aylmer May Cemetery in Rhodes Park, Lusaka.